You are going to be okay. It’s a natural process.

I got my first period when I was 12 years old and it was terrible. Period was one of taboo topic when I was small in Nepal. My mother didn’t really told a lot about it to me. We rarely discussed the topic, all I knew was one day I will get my period and I have to hide from my father . It angers me to thinks that I grew up with such a poor mindset. All the women around me taught me that it was sin to see a male especially my father and brothers when I get…

KALI( Black Women)

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.”

The word that has always haunted my mind. Every time I hear the word it triggers me and reminds me of the many times people has used it against me as an insult. In many cultures around the world, the concept of beauty is very much focused on the color of our skin.

Whenever someone calls me 'kali' , it always reminds of the incident when for the first time I was about to visit my father’s big brother, my thulobaba. I had heard stories of him about how he was some crazy and a heartless person…

I live in small yet very beautiful city Pokhara. Being surrounded by majestic mountains and valley, Pokhara is very famous destination for trekkers. Trekking is very famous among local as well as international travelers. I do not consider myself as very adventurous person as I haven’t travel too much beside Pokhara valley. I am extrovert but not much travelling has happened in my life yet. This trek to ABC has been the most adventurous thing, I have ever done. I always have been wanting to go on a long trek but this and that always came in middle as excuse.

Palina Bastakoti

My first times.

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